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Appleby Fair 2021

Appleby Horse Fair


(Information supplied by Appleby Tourist Information Centre).

When is the 2019 Horse Fair?

Appleby Horse Fair 2019 starts on Thurs 6 June  - the main days are Friday Saturday and Sunday (7, 8 and 9).  If you come on Monday or Tuesday you may be disappointed as there will be VERY little to see.

Are there any special days or days when certain things happen?

Appleby Fair is not an organised event and as such there is no set programme for anything happening. It is a traditional Gypsy Fair, more like a big family get together. The horses are washed, and trotted up and down the flashing lane most main days. There is a market on Jimmy Winter's Field selling a variety of goods - some traditional to the Gypsy travelling community - and other.

To arrange to sell on that field please contact Jimmy Winter on 017683 51456. There is a market held in the Public Hall If you would like to arrange a stall please contact the Appleby Town Clerk, Caroline Dodgeon on 017683 51177 ext 3 or email [email protected]. There are also stalls in the Market Square in Appleby. To sell on those please contact Eden District Council 01768 817817.

How can I find somewhere to stay in Appleby within walking distance?

Accommodation within walking distance will be rarer than hen's teeth. Most accommodation is booked up for the following year when visitors leave. There will be accommodation at www.visiteden.co.uk

If you wish to camp on the Fair Hill with the Gypsy Community please speak to Mr Billy Welch or Mr Bill Lloyd.

Penrith Tourist Information Centre can be contacted on 01768 867466 and Barnard Castle Tourist Information Centre on 01833 696356.

How can I buy a horse? Is there an auction?

There is no auction at the Fair. Arrangements are made buyer to seller for cash. The price will usually include extra for Luck Money. If you need livery locally with a view to exporting your new horse abroad, please contact Appleby Tourist Information Centre.

How can I get there on Public Transport?

You can come on the train. Appleby station is on The Settle-Carlisle line voted one of the most scenic and beautiful lines in the world. Timetables can be viewed on the Settle to Carlisle Railway website www.settle-carlisle.co.uk or call Northern Rail on 0800 200 6060.

There is a limited bus service to Appleby for more information visit Cumbria County Council's website: www.cumbria.gov.uk/roads-transport/public-transport-road-safety/transport/publictransport/busserv/timetables/eden.asp

Where can I park my car?

There will be eleven car parks in Appleby, including the Castle, (and the Sports Centre at the weekend), so whichever direction you approach from (South, East or West) you will get parked. Please see the Traffic Management Map provided by the Coordinating group for details. There are also spaces for 50 cars at the Railway Station.

How much is the parking?

It tends to vary between £5.00 per car per day and £10.00 per car per day. This is because each car park is owned by different owners, and some car park tenants pay rent.

I am bringing a coach of visitors - where do I park?

There is space for two coaches to drop off outside the Moot Hall in the town Centre.

There is usually space at the Appleby Grammar School for 10 coaches on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) for parking. There will be a fee of £25.00 for coaches and £15.00 for mini-buses. Please contact the school directly as places must be pre-booked telephone 017683 51580.

Also there will be coach parking for 6 coaches at the Railway Station. Again fees apply. Please speak to Dave Sampson between 7am-5pm on 0791 368 1939 to pre-book.

To park a coach or car at Appleby Castle please ring Peter Bass on 07593 661 7775.

I have a disabled parking disc - where should I park?

There are some disabled parking spaces at the Moot Hall in the centre of town. If you wish to park up nearer the field, please speak to the Police on duty.

What will I see at the Fair?

The Fair is a sight to see. It is a traditional Gypsy fair, but the biggest in Europe. If you don't like crowds you should give it a miss. You can see a taste of it if you go on to www.YouTube.com. People particularly enjoy sitting on the river bank and watching the horses be washed. The horses look very smart pulling sulkies up Battlebarrow and the colourful dress of the Gypsy and Traveller women in all their finery. The atmosphere is one of good humoured holiday banter and people come to enjoy themselves.

Where can I get Wi-Fi?

There is complimentary wi-fi in the Tufton Hotel, the Royal Oak Inn, The Midland Hotel and the Hare and Hounds. Appleby has 3G and BT hotspots.

Where are the Toilets?

Most of the Car parks will have Portaloos in them or toilets nearby. In town there are toilets in the entrance to the Public Hall and the Broad Close Car park. There is one disabled toilet with baby changing facility next to the Tourist Information Centre. There will also be Portaloos in town and nearby the Fair Hill. The Railway Station also has limited facilities.

Where are the Cash machines?

There is an ATM at the Post Office and cash machines available in the Spar and Dent's Newsagents.