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Appleby Fair 2023

Appleby Horse Fair

Clean up

Westmorland & Furness Council

Litter Bins

In additon to the usual litter bin provision at Appleby a further 39 temporary litter bins are provided during the Fair.  Please make use of these bins and do not drop your rubbish on the ground.

Street Cleansing in Appleby

Throughout the Fair two Street Cleansing Teams work to keep the town tidy. Each Team works from 06.00 hours to 19.00 hours Thursday to Monday.  In addition a mechanical sweeper and a mini sweeper operate during certain periods of the day to assist in the cleansing operation.

A final clean up is carried out at the end of the Fair in Appleby and the surrounding area using additonal operatives. A full mechanical sweep is then carried out.

Clean up of Outlying Areas

In order to ensure the clean up of the roadside verges in the vicinity of the many encampments that arise in outlying areas, two Environmental Teams operate during the Fair to maintain cleanliness. Bin bags are handed out at each encampment during daily visits by the Encampment Patrols, please help in keeping the area tidy by using these bags and putting them out for collection.

Please note that the Council will not remove waste from privately owned land other than in exceptional  circumstances and where such arrangement has been agreed with the landowner, for example at the large encampments that occur on unfenced land at Cotemoor, Ravenstonedale and Watter Yat at Mallerstang.

Key Messages:

  • The Council will ensure that extra resources are in place to deal with litter and rubbish in all areas where the Gypsy/Traveller community are staying in Westmorland & Furness.
  • Staff from the council will liase and communicate with residents, farmers and local groups before, after and during the Appleby Horse Fair to ensure any concerns and problems are dealt with and resolved.
  • Transit sites in Westmorland & Furness will have toilets and refuse skips made available to minimise the impact on the local community.
  • Food vendors in any of the transit sites will be checked by Westmorland & Furness Council's Environmental Health Officers to ensure they meet the required standards.